Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


Course Content

This course outlines the proficiencies and understanding needed to execute cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in accordance with the directives established by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

Intended for individuals who might find themselves in situations requiring CPR application, this unit caters to a diverse range of contexts, including both community and occupational scenarios.

Performance Criteria

  • Recognise and assess an emergency situation.
  • Ensure safety for self, bystanders and casualty.
  • Assess the casualty and recognise the need for first aid response.
  • Seek assistance from emergency services.
  • Perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in accordance with ARC guidelines.
  • Provide first aid in accordance with established first aid principles.
  • Display respectful behaviour towards casualty.
  • Obtain consent from casualty where possible.
  • Use available resources and equipment to make the casualty as comfortable as possible.
  • Operate first aid equipment according to manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Monitor the casualty’s condition and respond in accordance with first aid principles.
  • Accurately convey incident details to emergency services.
  • Report details of incidents in line with appropriate workplace or site procedures.
  • Complete applicable workplace or site documentation, including incident report form.
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality of information in line with statutory or organisational policies.
  • Recognise the possible psychological impacts on self and other rescuers and seek help when required.
  • Contribute to a review of the first aid response as required.


There are no prerequisites to enrol, however prior to attending class, students must complete the online Registration and Pre-Learning Assessment via Rich River First Aid learning portal: https://elearner.net.au/richriver 

Qualification(s) Issued

On successful completion, students will be issued a statement of attainment in: 
  • HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Certificate Validity

According to the Safe Work Australia Model Code of Practice for First Aid in the Workplace, it is recommended that you undertake Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training every 12 months and First Aid training every three years.

At RRFA, we have a unique training approach known as ‘Continuous Learning.’ This entails completing the recommended CPR refresher course annually, along with one section of the first aid course. This ensures that your skills remain up-to-date consistently. As a result, the need to repeat the entire course is eliminated, resulting in both time and cost savings.

Additional Information

The successful achievement of this statement of attainment will be evaluated through various assessment methods, such as a questionnaire and the observation of simulated and practical activities.

To demonstrate CPR proficiency, you will be required to perform CPR on a manikin placed on the floor. Please contact our office at least 48 hours before the scheduled session to inform us of any specific requirements or accommodations.